New! Audio and Video Chat Support for Premium Subscribers

New! Audio and Video Chat Support for Premium Subscribers

by William Michael -
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Dear friends,

I am happy to announce that parents and students subscribed to the Academy's Premium Student or Family Plans can now request live audio and video chats whenever they are needed using the live chat button on the Academy website.  

This transforms homeschooling from an isolated activity to be managed by parents into a collaborative activity managed by parents and tutors.  Students do not need to work in isolation, but can get live help when they need it, just as students in private schools can.  Yet, all the benefits of homeschooling remain available to families.

To start a video chat, simply use the chat button at the bottom of the website screen to start a live chat.  Then, select the video icon to request a move to live video.   If you'd prefer to keep your camera off and just talk, you can request an audio chat instead.  Of course, if you'd like to talk on the phone, you can call the office any time at (704) 776-4696.  All of these options are far more efficient than text chatting, which really doesn't allow us to get the work done that needs to get done.

I'd like to encourage parents and students to learn to use these communication tools.  As a headmaster and teacher, I'd like to help families more, but we have to use tools that allow us to work together.  Text chat and email are not the means for productive collaboration.

There is no reason why homeschooling should remain an isolated activity for parents and students in 2022.  The tools are available that allow us to collaborate.  It's simply a matter of using them, and those who do learn to use them will enjoy the benefits they offer.  

When we consider what discourages us from using these tools, we'll see why even more we need  them.

God bless,
Mr. William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy
Office: (704) 776-4696