Tutoring for Catholic Teens

Tutoring for Catholic Teens

by William Michael -
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Dear friends,

As an high school teacher and homeschool father, I've worked with teenage students for over 20 years and I know the serious challenges they face.  While some teens enjoy the benefits of an inspiring and supportive Catholic community, many don't.  Many teens feel isolated and have little Catholic influence outside of their parents--maybe even just one of their parents.

Catholic teens need help today.

Intellectually, teenage students have questions they need to discuss and have answered.  Academically, they need help finishing their high school requirements and preparing for college and career studies.  Spiritually, they need encouragement--and grace.

Many of the problems teens face will not be solved until they've gained experience in the world.  Very few have the grace to learn from instruction (the easy way), but will need to learn from experience (the hard way).  As parents, we have to give them all the help we can--and we will need to do so throughout their adult lives.

One source of help for teenage students is tutoring.  

I've been working with teens for over 20 years.  I've enjoyed success working with teens and have helped many of them in the three areas listed above.  I have also been able to stay in touch with former students and continue helping them through college studies, the beginnings of their vocational pursuits, and the return to the Catholic faith.  This is my full-time work, and work I consider to be very important.

While I am able to challenge the most gifted students, I am also able to help the weakest.  I'm a teacher, not a judge. The goal of Catholic studies is always the same (Wisdom), and the means are also the same, but the pace at which students work toward that goal varies with each child.  The flexibility needed to direct students requires a tutor with mastery who can adapt to different circumstances.  Parents normally cannot provide this help themselves, but can provide their children with access to a tutor who can.

To learn more about tutoring and discuss options for your teenage student(s), please contact me.  I'm happy to discuss your circumstances and work out a solution that gives you the peace of mind and results you desire.  

God bless your families,
Mr. William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy
Office: (704) 776-4696 (Preferred)