Help with Planning and Task Management (Important)

Help with Planning and Task Management (Important)

by William Michael -
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Dear friends,

Over the past two weeks, Dania and I have had many discussions with homeschool parents interested in tutoring, and the #1 request they have made is for help directing their children's daily studies and providing some accountability for their weekly work.

Of course, we are willing and able to help with this and would like to begin sharing with parents how we can do so.

One point I emphasize with parents is that, ideally, there are three people involved in the education of a child:  the parent, the student and a tutor.  Each of these three persons has an important role to play, and if we play them together, we can do great things.  As a tutor, I am an expert in the academic content and its study, but I am not present with the student through the day.  I cannot supervise his activity--this is a parent's job.  Likewise, parent is with the student throughout the day, but cannot teach the academic content or direct the student in how to study each course--this is the tutor's job.  When the parent and tutor work together, great things can happen.  

I have published two "Daily Student Planners" for use with students.  One is for students working through the High School Diploma program and the other is for students studying the classical Catholic curriculum without concerns about high school requirements.  

Parents and I can customize these planners based on each family's schedule and goals.  Once settled, I can begin working with the students to work within these schedules and help plan their studies meeting by meeting.  Parents can work to make sure that students use and submit these planners to me for review.  This will provide the students with the direction and accountability they need.

The Daily Student Planner forms can be viewed here:

When I meet with students, I will have their past planners to look at to see their progress, and I will be able to help them prepare their planners for the coming week.  If we meet more often, I can do so more often, and in more detail.  

Over time, we can continue to customize these planners, increase student productivity, and accomplish increasingly challenging goals.  That is impossible, however, if we don't work together, one step at a time.  

I ask that parents with students enrolled in the Premium Student plan, or parents considering booking tutoring meetings for this purpose, look over the daily student planners linked in this message.  Consider how the schedule can be adapted to align with your family's goals and schedule and let me know what adjustments are needed.  

Please try to simplify your schedule as much as possible as we get started and be patient as we add detail little by little, over time.  Many homeschool students are confused and discouraged because their parents are trying to do too much too soon, or because the parents don't provide the stability and resources needed for the plan to be carried out by the child.  We have to avoid this and add to the child's schedule in steps.

If you've already started tutoring sessions with me this week, I've probably mentioned this and we can now get started.  If you communicate with me before your child's next tutoring session, I can begin working with them on these planners this week.  I will be helping Mrs. Michael adapt these planners for use with younger students as well.

If you have any questions about planning and goal-setting, I recommend you give me a call during the week.  I'm happy to get into all the details with you and answer whatever questions you have.  

God bless your studies,
Mr. William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy
Office: (704) 776-4696