Catholic Bible Study for Students Age 11+

Catholic Bible Study for Students Age 11+

by William Michael -
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Dear friends,

I am beginning to publish lessons in Catholic Bible II, a great course intended for students age 11 and up.  This course is now open for enrollment.

The textbook used in this course was published in 1891 (with an Imprimatur) and it is an excellent traditional guide to the study of the Catholic Bible. The content is not influenced by modern secular scholarship, Protestant doctrine, evolutionary theory, etc. 

Lessons in this course are assessed by detailed comprehension questions which I am publishing and which I will be assessing directly.  Therefore, it is a great course not only for Catholic theology, but also for the development of composition skills.

I believe parents will find this to be an excellent course for Catholic children and one parents can learn a great deal from as they study along with their children.  

Please note that younger students can enjoy Catholic Bible I which provides a simpler study from a highly acclaimed Catholic textbook, with lessons assessed by online quizzes.  

Both of these courses are being published in 2022.

God bless your families,
Mr. William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy