Raising Standards in 300+ Level Courses

Raising Standards in 300+ Level Courses

by William Michael -
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Dear students,

Courses in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy that are listed at 300-400 level are intended for students ages 16 and above.  At this time in studies, students need to develop mature comprehension and communication skills, putting their past lessons to work and accepting the challenge of mastering unfamiliar lesson content.

The quality of work that is acceptable for 100-200 level courses is not acceptable at the 300-400 level.  Answers that are acceptable for credit in Aesop's Fables or Daily Scripture Reading assignments are not acceptable at this level.  

In grading student work at these levels, I will be taking extra time to guide students in these matters and will demand of them quality work.  I will be patient and allow them to improve assignment by assignment.  My strictness is not intended to penalize or discourage students, obviously, but to help them learn what the standards of mature academic work are that they may grow accustomed to those standards and meet them.

Students should understand that no attempt to hurry through an assignment will work.  I review every answer to every question will not approve lazy responses.  Any assignment that is not careful and complete will be returned.  The fastest way to progress through studies is to do the work the right way, the first time.  

All students are advised to study Classical Grammar and English Composition.  The mastery of concepts and skills learned in those courses will be expected in 300-400 level written work.  Students are also advised to study the article "How to Study for Mastery" because lazy work will never receive credit.  There is no participation award in classical Catholic education.  This is real Christian study, not artificial modern schooling.

I am willing to work as much as students need and will help students as much as they require.  Yet, I will always require students to take initiative and put in the effort to study diligently and submit quality work.  That's what it means to be a "student"--to be seeking wisdom.  There are support forums for every course, and I am always available for tutoring meetings or for help by email.  There are no excuses.

The standards have to raised in modern Catholic education and I will make sure that they are in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy--especially for courses at the 300-400 level.

Let's work to glorify God and fulfill our potential as Catholic students.  

God bless,
Mr. William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy