Course Forums NOT for Individual Matters

Course Forums NOT for Individual Matters

by William Michael -
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Dear friends,

The Support Forums on course pages in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy are for questions about lessons and assessments that may be helpful for some or all students enrolled in a course.  

The course Support Forums are NOT for individual requests for lesson updates, assessments, etc. 

Enrolled students receive notifications when forum posts are added and no one is interested in being notified of the needs of individual students in their courses.  This is a simple matter of applying the Golden Rule in our lives:  "Would I want to be notified every time another students had an individual need in this course?"  No, therefore, do not post such requests in these Support Forums.

If you have an individual need in a course--a lesson update needed, an assessment needed, etc.--communicate this need in your weekly tutorial meeting or by email if you do not have a premium enrollment subscription.  Do not post individual needs on the course Support Forums.  These forums are for questions about lesson content.

Such posts will be deleted from now on.

Also, make sure your study efforts are focused on core classical Catholic studies in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.  These are marked as "Core" courses and receive the priority of my attention in publishing and management.  We offer modern courses (which are listed as such) to supplement classical Catholic studies, not as alternatives to them.  We are not interested in or capable of serving students who are not interested in the mission of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, which is to seek Wisdom through the study of the classical liberal arts, classical philosophy and Catholic theology.

Thank you,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy