Drawing I is Now Open

Drawing I is Now Open

by William Michael -
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Dear friends,

I will be making available a set of drawing courses for students of all ages, which will provide pleasant drawing lessons and an opportunity to share drawings with course-mates.  I think that's the most motivating end for these assignments and don't believe that grading is necessary.  This is an enrichment course.

To post student work, I recommend simply taking a photo of their work, in decent lighting, and posting the image on the Submissions forum for each lesson. 

As parents, please require your children to work on their drawings and submit their best work.  Do not allow them to upload a drawing they've worked on for 5 minutes, just for the sake of submitting something.  There is no merit in posting a great quantity of drawings, but quality is the goal.  

I look forward to seeing your best work.

God bless,
Mr. Michael