All assignments graded as of 02/13/2022

All assignments graded as of 02/13/2022

by William Michael -
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Dear friends,

All assignments that have been submitted as of 02/13/2022 have been graded and recorded.

Overall the work looked quite good!  I am especially impressed by students beginning to move into higher level courses like Classical Reasoning and Classical Ethics.  I'd like to see more students do so--don't be afraid!  We can do it.

I score work that is submitted and make brief comments and I leave it up to students to contact me if they'd like to discuss their assignments in more detail.  If there are any assignments or questions you'd like to discuss, please post your questions on the course support forums or, for private tutoring, schedule a chat meeting.

God bless you all,
Mr. William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy