CLAA News - Friday 02/11/2022

CLAA News - Friday 02/11/2022

by William Michael -
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Dear friends,

This week, I've been slow to respond to requests for specific updates because I wanted to put a week in on some important site-wide updates that were necessary.  God willing, I will have these updates finished tomorrow (Fri. 02/11) and will be back to my normal routine this weekend.

1. I have spent a good deal of time this week adding support forums for all (or most) courses.  Students can now easily post questions on the course pages for daily help.  In fact, students have already begun doing so, which I appreciate.  I am notified of every post, so this is very convenient for me.

2. I have cleaned up the enrollment pages on the Study Center, so adding courses is easier for all users.  Enrollment keys have been posted on the enrollment page so no one needs to worry about forgetting them.  (Yes, this is an honor code system.)

3. I am adding manual task completion buttons that will allow users to track progress through all lesson tasks.  This is especially helpful for free users who do not have the benefit of assessments to track progress for them. 

4.  I am spending time developing some courses I'd like to see students work on in the future.  These include Sacred Scripture, Summa Theologica and History courses.  These are especially recommended for adult students.

5.  I have been grading student work each Sunday evening, having everything updated by Monday morning.  I intend to begin grading on Wednesday nights and Saturdays as the quality of student work is improving, which is allowing students to submit work more quickly than before.  I will attempt to grade all work submitted by Premium subscribers every night.

6. I am opening a few courses this week that have been requested.  These include:  Catholic Bible II, Aristotle's History of Animals, Drawing I and Music History.  

7. I have closed Petty School Bible and will focusing only on Petty School Reading, Writing and Arithmetic in the future. We have enough entry level courses for young students and I'd rather challenge students and parents to reach higher than produce more and more entry level material.

8.  International enrollments have been increasing recently and I expect them to continue to do so.  I have added several language packages to the Study Center which allow students to see all of the site's navigational links and profile info in preferred languages.  You can select a preferred languages from the "Preferences" link on your user profile page.  I have made Spanish, German, French and Italian available, but can add others on request.

9.  If any students are interested in obtaining a free CLAA Google Apps account to use with their CLAA studies, please let me know.  These accounts provide students with a CLAA Gmail account, Google Drive and Docs, which can be useful for assignments, notes, etc. 

10. I have posted links for Premium subscription parents to schedule live chat meetings any time they desire one for themselves or their children.  Those without a Premium subscription can schedule 60 minute tutoring or consultation meetings for $10, which I think is reasonable.

11.  I have posted a direct telephone number (704-291-2952) with hours I will be available in my office (see below).   Parents with subscriptions of any kind are welcome to call me with any questions.

12.  Lastly, I have reduced the price of the Premium Family Plan to $250 per month.  This provides all full enrollment in all courses, quizzes and grading as well as live tutorial/consultation chats for the family.  This will be the highest level of enrollment available in the CLAA and will cap all costs of study for all services available.

I apologize for the length of this message, but wanted to summarize what I've been up to this week as I've been out of touch.

God bless your studies,
Mr. William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy
(704) 291-2952 (12p-4p, 8p-12a M-F, Voicemail 24/7)