New! Grading Sessions for Student Plan Subscribers

New! Grading Sessions for Student Plan Subscribers

by Mr. William Michael, O.P. -
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Dear friends,

For students enrolled under the Student or Family Plan, the grading of written assignments is offered "as time allows".  During busy times of the year (like now), delays in grading can be significant. I'm offering a new affordable solution for any parents who'd like to control the timing of their children's assignments.

Parents can schedule a "grading session" during which I will devote an entire hour to grading the assignments of their children.  Since I will not need to meet with students at a particular time for these grading sessions, I am willing to offer them with a 50% discount on the normal tutoring rate.  

Grading sessions may be scheduled on the Academy Catalog any time and I will make sure all open assignments are graded within 24 hours.

I think this will provide an affordable solution for many parents and responsible option for the Academy.

God bless,
Mr. William C. Michael, O.P.