Submit Assignments with Google Docs for Detailed Feedback (Premium)

Submit Assignments with Google Docs for Detailed Feedback (Premium)

by Mr. William Michael, O.P. -
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Dear friends,

Students working with me are advised to complete assignments using Google Docs for two important reasons.  First, it allows them to keep copies of all of their completed work.  Second, it allows me to collaborate with them on assignments, making corrections and adding comments.  If that feedback is desired, this is the only way it can be provided.

All of my Premium students receive a free CLAA/Google Apps account for this purpose (which includes email and other useful tools).  Once set up, they can begin completing assignments using Google Docs and simply submit a link to the assignment document when ready for review and feedback. I've provided detailed instructions for how this is done for any students who don't already know:

What's best about this is that revisions simply consist of fixing mistakes and sharing the link again when ready. It's really very convenient on both sides and allows us to work together as we need to if we're going to get into this stuff.

I know some of these things may seem intense, but if we're going to raise the bar in Catholic studies today, we need to actually raise the bar at some point.  Studies aren't going to look or feel like modern school studies.

God bless you all,

Mr. William C. Michael, O.P.
Classical Liberal Arts Academy