Welcome to the Academy Study Center

Welcome to the Academy Study Center.  This is where students access all of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy's online courses.  There are a number of ways to enroll in our courses, but the most popular method is as follows:

Step 1.  Create Accounts

Create student accounts for all users who will be studying. 

Step 2.  Add Courses

To add courses, first login to the desired student account.  Select desired courses from the course list below, and choose the enrollment option that best serves your goals:

  • Free 30 Day Trial:  To enjoy full access to a course with a free 30 day trial in any course, use the enrollment key "trial" to activate the course. 
  • Independent study:  To study any course freely, with no assessments or tutorials, use the enrollment key "independent".  
  • Full Course Enrollment:  To fully enroll in an individual course, use the "Purchase course" button to make payment arrangements.
  • Enrollment Subscription: If you would like access to all desired courses for a simple, monthly subscription fee, create an affordable enrollment subscription plan below.  Once your subscription is active, use the enrollment key "subscriber" to add courses at no additional cost.

Step 3.  Begin Studies

As soon as a course is added, studies may begin.