In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, timeless wisdom and modern technology come together to make real classical Catholic education available to modern students of all ages.  Enrollment is always open, allowing students to begin studies, work at their own pace, and add courses at any time.   All courses are self-paced and include all necessary study materials, online quizzes, graded assignments, records and expert support.

1.  Create student account.
Every student needs an account here in the Study Center so all of his courses, grades and records can be managed.  To create a student account, click here.

2. Login to student account.
Take a moment to check at the top of this page to make sure you are logged in to the desired student account.  If not, logout and login with the correct account.

3.  Select desired course from course catalog.
All courses are self-paced and have no expiration date.  Courses include all necessary study materials, online quizzes, graded assignments, gradebooks, records, support services and more. From the course list below, select your desired course(s).

4.  Make payment arrangements.
On the selected course page, payment may be made by debit or credit card, or by PayPal.  You can also choose to enroll now and pay later with PayPal.  Once payment is made, the course is open for study.

Note:  If you have purchased courses in the past, there is no need to purchase them again. 

5.  Begin studies.
There is no need for lesson planning or grading in our program because we take care of that for you.  Simply start at the first lesson in your course and move along, at your own pace, one task at a time.  

Already enrolled?  Go to your Dashboard.