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Haselbarth, Samuel (haselbarthsam2011)

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Email: haselbarthsam2011@classicalliberalarts.com
Last Updated: 05/04/2021


05/04/2021 – Welcome to your Classical Liberal Arts Academy student page. On this page, we will work to track all of your progress, and to make sure that lessons and assessments are always ready for you when you need them. If anything on this page needs to be updated, please contact us. -Mr. Michael

Current Lessons

I. Trivium

TRV-101 Elementary Grammar:  Lesson 10
TRV-110 Latin Vocabulary:  Lesson 01
TRV-111 Latin Reading I: Lesson 06
TRV-121 Classical Grammar:  Lesson 01 

II.  Quadrivium

QRV-151 Modern Arithmetic III: Lesson 09

III.  Philosophy

PHL-101 Aesop’s Fables Lesson 10
PHL-102 Theophrastus’ Characters Lesson 01
PHL-201 Pliny, Natural History Lesson 01

IV. Theology

THL-111 Baltimore Catechism I: Lesson 20
THL-351 Daily Scripture Reading: May

V.  Humanities

HUM-101 World Chronology:  Lesson 10
HUM-112 World Geography:  Lesson 01