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Haberman, Veronica (habermanver2005)

Email: habermanver2005@claaonline.com
Last Updated:  03/18/2021


03/18/2021 – Veronica, your status in all courses, according to our records, is visible below. All lessons will soon be accessible using the Curriculum pages without needing to login. If anything needs updating, please let me know. -Mr. Michael

Current Lessons

I. Trivium

TRV-111 Latin Reading I: Lesson 20
TRV-221 Latin Grammar I: Lesson 13
TRV-301 English Composition: Lesson 23
TRV-371 Classical Reasoning I: Lesson 09

II.  Quadrivium

QRV-201 Modern Algebra I: Lesson 08
QRV-321 Classical Geometry I: Lesson 25

III.  Philosophy

PHL-311 Classical Ethics: Lesson 37
PHL-361 Modern Biology: Lesson 08

IV. Theology

THL-101 Daily Scripture Reading: 0 Lessons Completed
THL-211 Baltimore Catechism II: Lesson 37
THL-321 Summa Theologica I: Lesson 48
THL-351 Sacred Scripture I: Status: Lesson 91
THL-352 Sacred Scripture II: Lesson 04

V.  Humanities

HUM-101 World Chronology: Lesson 31
HUM-112 World Geography: Lesson 01
HUM-321 English Literature I: Lesson 41