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Standardized Test Scoring

When CLAA students complete standardized testing, they immediately receive the following score reports, providing detailed information on their progress in core learning areas.

I. Scoring Overview

Students are provided with the following summary of their results. While “Grade Equivalent” and “Percentile Rank” may be high, the “Raw Score” shows where attention might be needed. As you can see below, Anna scored in the 99th percentile in “Language Mechanics” but had 13 questions wrong. This year, we will make sure she gives extra attention to Grammar studies.

II. Premium Scoring Report

In addition to the scoring overview above, students are provided with the following detailed scoring report that visualizes results in a helpful way. Note that all of the information in the premium report is included in the scoring table above.

A. Grade Equivalency

B. Percentile Ranking

C. Stanine

D. Raw Scores


The California Achievement Test offered through the CLAA in collaboration with Academic Excellence provides Academy students with affordable and convenient standardized testing. Results are obtained immmiediately after tests are submitted and provide helpful insights into each student’s strength and weaknesses. Annual standardized testing allows homeschooling parents to ensure that each child is satisfying grade level requirements, but more importantly, is getting help with areas of need.

God bless your studies,

Mr. William C. Michael, O.P.
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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