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Classical Liberal Arts Academy

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy offers many different courses and services to many different people, around the world–and this can be overwhelming.

This page provides homeschool families with a simple starting point as they begin classical Catholic studies. You can ignore all the information on our website and get started here.


Before you begin learning about the Academy, you must understand that you do not need to manage your children’s classical Catholic education on your own. Free help from experienced Catholic teachers and parents is available to you from beginning to end.

  • Join our mailing list.
  • Call the office: (704) 776-4696
  • Send an email:
  • Chat with us on the Academy website (see below).

2. Learn about Classical Catholic Education

If you’re coming to the Classical Liberal Arts Academy from a modern education, there’s a lot to learn. To help parents with this, we provide a free book, “Understanding Classical Catholic Education“, which you can download and read here.

Simply stated, the classical Catholic curriculum is the system of studies that was enjoyed by wise men and saints throughout history. Wise men taught that the way to wisdom required the study of seven arts: Grammar, Reasoning, Rhetoric, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy. These allowed students to master the philosophical sciences: Ethics, Physics and Metaphysics. To these, the Church added Theology, learned from divine revelation through Sacred Scripture and Church Tradition. This system of learning is what we call classical Catholic education.

Tip: You can read more about the classical Catholic curriculum on our Curriculum page.

3. Get Started with Free Enrollment

We know that families need to ease their way into the Classical Liberal Arts Academy and can’t be asked to make any uncertain financial commitments before doing so. Therefore, we allow all families to get started with free enrollment. Parents can create student accounts for all of their children, select courses and begin looking over study materials without spending a penny.

To get started with free enrollment, create accounts on the Academy Study Center, where all of our online courses are hosted. You will see that all necessary study materials are provided at no cost, no books need to be purchased and students can access all of their lesson content in one safe place. If you wish to do the work yourself, you can study with free enrollment forever.

Tip: For help with course enrollment, see the article “How to Select Courses“.

4. ENROLL IN ONE or MORE Online Courses

After you have had the opportunity to create student accounts, and view our online study materials, it is likely that you will wish to add the benefits of full enrollment in our online courses. These benefits include all of the following:

  • all necessary study materials
  • no expiration dates or deadlines
  • 24/7 expert support
  • video tutorials
  • online quizzes
  • graded assignments
  • gradebook and records
  • completion certificate
  • academic reference upon completion

To purchase online courses, use our Online Course Catalog.

5. Add Tutoring Sessions to Help

If a student is subscribed to the Student Plan, you may schedule tutoring sessions with us. We can help students know what they need to do, answer detailed questions about lessons, speed up student progress, provide some outside accountability and give parents peace of mind. Tutoring sessions are available at affordable rates and can be arranged whenever they are needed. Mrs. Michael works with elementary students and I work with older students, providing expertise at all levels of study. Schedule Tutoring Sessions.

6. Upgrade to the Premium Student Plan

When you decide to commit a student to study in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, you can upgrade to the Premium Student Plan ($100 per month)–our best enrollment option. This provides students with everything available in the Student Plan but adds one weekly one-hour tutoring meeting, live chat support, exclusive video lesson tutorials, premium assignment grading–and more. Some parents choose to start with the Premium Student plan from the beginning, but there’s no need to worry about this when you’re getting started. You can get a lot done with a simple Student Plan subscription and upgrade, if you wish, at any time.

Tip: For help with directing students and keeping them accountable, please see the Daily Student Planners I provide.

7. You Need Help: Ask for It!

To wrap up, I want to re-emphasize the first point above. Homeschooling parents need help to enjoy the benefits available in the classical Catholic curriculum. We are here to help you, but you must give us the opportunity to do so. Please contact us and allow us to help.

God bless your studies,
Mr. William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy
Office: (704) 776-4696

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