CLAA Student Plan

$25.00 / month

Subscribe to the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s Student Plan and enjoy full access to our self-paced online courses with a simple monthly payment that makes your homeschooling budget simple.  Once subscribed, a simple coupon code is used to add courses without additional cost.

To enroll more than three students, we recommend the CLAA Family Plan.



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Outside the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, homeschooling can be very expensive, forcing families to make bad curriculum decisions based not on what’s best, but on what’s affordable.  Inside the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, not only do families enjoy the true, classical Catholic curriculum, but homeschooling is very affordable.

Using our popular Student Plan subscription, a simple monthly payment provides for everything a student needs to enjoy all of our courses and expert support, for a fraction of what it costs to use a modern Catholic homeschool program like Seton Home Study.

Comparison of cots of CLAA vs. Seton Home Study

Once subscribed, one simply uses a coupon code to add courses without any additional cost.