Video Assessment


Book a one hour live video assessment meeting with CLAA Headmaster, William C. Michael.



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To make great progress in the classical Catholic curriculum, a student must be able to move steadily through lessons with as little delay as possible.   In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, students enjoy direct access to the  Academy headmaster, William C. Michael, for live video assessments whenever they are desired.

In a video assessment, a student meets online wih Mr. Michael for a “recitation“.  In a recitation, a student simply “recites” the content of his lesson to the examiner, demonstrating his knowledge of the lesson.  If any points are uncertain, Mr. Michael will ask additional questions to help assessment the student’s mastery, and provide explanation and help where needed.  At the end of the recitation, provided the student has done well, Mr. Michael will award the student with immediate promotion to the next lesson.

Live assessment allows students to progress steadily through courses in a pleasant manner.  Live video assessment is reommended to all parents with the financial means to provide this service for their children.

If you have any questions about live assessments, the recitation method, or technical details of video meetings, please contact us.