Homeschool Consultation


Purchase a one-on-one live chat consultation with CLAA Headmaster William C. Michael for help with:

  • planning
  • course selection
  • transcripts
  • college admission

Once you have purchased your consultation time, you may start you live chat at any time.



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Photo of Mr. William C. Michael, available for homeschool tutoring.
Mr. Michael is available for homeschool tutoring As parents


As parents, we desire to give our children the very best, but we often find ourselves hindered by the old Dominican saying, “You cannot give what you do not have.”  This is where homeschool consultation is helpful.

The harsh reality is that while parents have noble desires for their children, they often don’t have the experience or knowledge to make good decisions regarding homeschooling, curriculum, scheduling, preparing for college, and so on.  It’s good to have a like-minded, Catholic connection who works in the field full-time and is available to provide expert input any time you need to make a decision.

Mr. Michael is available for affordable one hour homeschool consultations whenever you need to discuss your homeschool concerns.  Simply make payment for a consultation and initiate a live chat whenever you’re ready.

About Mr. Michael

Mr. Michael studied Classics and Ancient History at Rutgers University, where he graduated with honors and was inducted into the university’s chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. A full-time teacher, researcher and writer since 2000, Mr. Michael has worked in classroom, online and private instruction as well as school administration and publishing for over 20 years. With permission of his bishop, Mr. Michael founded the Classical Liberal Arts Academy in 2008, and is directly responsible for the Academy’s research, course offerings, instruction and website. Mr. Michael has helped students prepare for admission to the world’s best colleges and universities, Catholic seminaries, US military careers and married life. Mr. Michael’s classical Catholic homeschool blog is a popular source of information for parents and students, and his teaching can be observed in his videos on the CLAA YouTube channel.