HUM-405 Medieval History I


Study the history of medieval Europe from the days of Constantine through the rise of Christian England in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s Medieval History I course.

Please note that this course requires a very great amount of historical reading and is intended for excellent students.   Please see the article, “How to Read History“.

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Lesson 01. Constantine and His City
Lesson 02. The Reorganization of the Empire
Lesson 03. Constantine’s Succesors to Jovian; the Struggle with Persia
Lesson 04. The Triumph of Christianity
Lesson 05. Arianism
Lesson 06. The Organization of the Church
Lesson 07. Expansion of the Teutons (to 378 AD)
Lesson 08. The Dynasty of Valentinian and Theodosius the Great
Lesson 09. The Teutonic Migrations (378-412 AD)
Lesson 10. Teutonic Kingdoms in Gaul
Lesson 11. The Sueves, Alans and Vandals in Spain; Vandal Dominion in Africa
Lesson 12. The Asiatic Background; Attila
Lesson 13. Roman Britain and the Teutonic Conquest
Lesson 14. Italy and the West (410-476 AD)
Lesson 15. The Kingdom of Italy under Odovacar and Theodoric
Lesson 16. The Eastern Provinces from Arcadius to Anastasius
Lesson 17. Religious Disunion in the 5th Century
Lesson 18. Monasticism
Lesson 19. Social and Economic Conditions of the Roman Empire in the 4th Century
Lesson 20. Thoughts and Ideas of the Period
Lesson 21. Early Christian Art
Lesson 22. Justinian, Imperial Restoration in the West
Lesson 23. Justinian’s Government in the East
Lesson 24. Roman Law
Lesson 25. Gaul under the Merovingian Franks
Lesson 26. Gaul under the Merovingian Franks: Institutions
Lesson 27. Spain under the Visigoths
Lesson 28. Italy under the Lombards
Lesson 29. Imperial Italy and Africa; Gregory the Great
Lesson 30. The Successors of Justinian
Lesson 31. Mahomet and Islam
Lesson 32. The Expansion of the Saracens, Part 1
Lesson 33. The Expansion of the Saracens, Part 2
Lesson 34. The Successors of Heraclius to 717 AD
Lesson 35. The Expansion of the Slavs
Lesson 36. Celtic & Germanic Heathenism
Lesson 37. Conversion of the Celts & Teutons
Lesson 38. England and English Institutions
Lesson 39. The Carlovingian Revolution and Frankish Intervention in Italy
Lesson 40. Conquests and Imperial Coronation of the Charles the Great
Lesson 41. Foundations of Feudalism
Lesson 42. Legislation and Administration of Charles the Great
Lesson 43. The Papacy, to Charles the Great
Lesson 44. Louis the Poor
Lesson 45. The Carolingian Kingdoms (840-877)
Lesson 46. The Carolingian Kingdoms (877-918)
Lesson 47. France, the Last Carolingians and the Accession of Hugh Capet (888-987)
Lesson 48. France in the Eleventh Century
Lesson 49. The Kingdom of Burgundy
Lesson 50. Italy in the 10th Century
Lesson 51. Germany: Henry I and Otto the Great
Lesson 52. Germany: Otto II and Otto III
Lesson 53. The Emperor Henry II
Lesson 54. The Emperor Conrad II
Lesson 55. The Emperor Henry III
Lesson 56. The Vikings
Lesson 57. The Foundation of the Kingdom of England
Lesson 58. England from 954 AD to the Death of Edward the Confessor
Lesson 59. The Westerrn Caliphate
Lesson 60. The Church from Charlemagne to Sylvester II
Lesson 61. Feudalism
Lesson 62. Learning and Literature till the Death of Bede
Lesson 63. Learning and Literature till Pope Sylvester II
Lesson 64. Byzantine and Romanesque Arts