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With over 20 years of full-time research, publishing and teaching in the classical liberal arts–from a critical Christian perspective–William C. Michael, the fouding director of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, is able to offer services to private schools, homeschool parents and students that are available nowhere else.  


As demand for classical education increases throughout America, many Christian administrators and teachers with good intentions lack the expertise in classical studies to make informed decisions in matters of school organization, curriculum and instruction necessary to satisfy the complex objectives of modern schools.  The great challenge Christian school administrators and homeschool parents face is curriculum optimization.  To make time available for classical studies in a K-12 curriculum, modern requirements must be satisfied as efficiently as possible and classical studies added at crucial points in the curriculum.  With experience in school development and administration, curriculum publishing and classroom instruction,  consultation with Mr. Michael can help solve modern school dilemmas.   On site consultation, faculty training, and public speaking may be arranged.


All students are welcome to begin studies in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, but at some point, gifted students who wish to progress into advanced classical studies will need an experienced tutor.  Mr. Michael is available for private tutoring in all subjects, as needed, year-round. Tutoring can be arranged on an as-needed basis, or through regular subscription services.

For more information, contact us.

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