Private Instruction

$1,000.00 / month

Have a child who desires a classical Catholic education for a future religious or contemplative vocation?  Provide a student with a classical Catholic education with full-time private instruction by Mr. William C. Michael, headmaster of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.  Make better use of private school tuition money and avoid the distractions and negative experiences of private schooling.

Private instruction sets all of the Academy’s resources at the service of your child.



It is common today for parents to pay private school tuition to have a child enrolled in a school with teachers who are not experts in their subjects, and influenced by classmates of questionable behavior.   The tuition paid does not guarantee quality instruction or good influence.  Many students have discouraging, unproductive and even abusive experiences in expensive private schools.

A better option is available.

In the ancient and medieval world, students were not sent off to schools like today’s “private schools”.  In fact, what we call private schools today were called public schools in the past.  Parents who wanted to give their children the best education did not send them away to schools, but hired expert tutors to work directly with them.  These tutors served not only as academic instructors, but as examples, guardians and counselors.

This was a luxury available only to noble families, for parents would need to pay a tutor’s full-time salary, that he could devote his attention to the boy throughout the day.  Today, this relationship can be provided within the safety of the family home, with an expert private tutor, at a fraction of the cost.

Mr. Michael is available for full-time private tutoring with a small number of remote students.  In this arrangement, a student meets with Mr. Michael throughout the day for direction, assistance and instruction.  Students are provided with hourly tasks to complete, have constant and direct access to Mr. Michael for help through private meeting rooms online, with accountability needed to ensure that all academic work is completed daily.  Simply put, through private instruction, parents can provide a student with a complete course of study in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

How Does Private Instruction Work?

As a Catholic classicist, and Lay Dominican, Mr. Michael is a full-time researcher and teacher, and spends the majority of each day in his office, at his desk, studying, working and praying.  Throughout this time, he is available to work with students as they also work through their scheduled hours of daily study.  In an online meeting room, Mr. Michael and private students stay connected throughout the day, collaborating on their studies, as comfortably as if they were sitting together in a school room.

Every morning, Mr. Michael looks over a student’s account and prepares a list of goals for the day, and tasks for the present hour.  Once given tasks, the student gets to work and Mr. Michael resumes his normal work, ready at hand for any question that arises, to assign additional tasks, to grade a completed assignment, or to move on to a new subject.  When scheduled activities arrive, Mr. Michael turns off his camera and takes care of other business, then returns when the tasks are complete.  He and the private student(s) catch up on their progress for the day and resume work.  Any time a student has a question or needs help, he simply asks and Mr. Michael will provide a simple answer or a detailed lesson.  After a day’s work, Mr. Michael, resumes his studies in the evenings and welcomes private students to rejoin him for support whenever they study.  Students may even join Mr. Michael for daily prayers, as he recites the Liturgy of the Hours and prays the Rosary at scheduled times.

Students follow their own daily schedules, as determined by the collaboration between Mr. Michael and the parents.  Students are supervised as they work and simply leave the meeting when their schedule requires them to be elsewhere.  After some settling in, student schedules become comfortable and times for arriving, studying and departing become normal.

This service will available beginning in the Fall of 2022, and will ideally lead to the formation of small study groups that work together in this way, under Mr. Michael’s constant direction.

For Whom is Private Instruction Intended?

Obviously, private instruction is not for everyone, nor was private tutoring ever common in history.  This opportunity is intended for students who show signs of a vocation to classical Catholic studies, which is discerned by the combination of student interest and ability.  These vocations are more common that parents may think, as experience will prove.  Students so called will express interest in such an opportunity and will enjoy it when they have it.

Private instruction requires a significant financial commitment and this is a factor in the “ability” part of one’s discernment.  Where God guides, God provides.

What Does Private Instruction Cost?

Private instruction costs $1,200 per month, or $14,400 per year.  This monthly cost provides for everything a student needs for private instruction, including all necessary study materials, assessments, record-keeping, daily guidance and support, and much more.  When compared to the cost of private schooling, which offers inferior curriculum opportunities and many distractions to Catholic piety and study, private instruction in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy provides an opportunity available nowhere else in the world.

What is Needed for Private Instruction?

Students should have a private space for daily studies, similar to the cell of a monk.   It should be a quiet place, free from distractions, with access to a high speed internet connection for a students workspace computer.  This computer will need a microphone and webcam to all the student to connect with Mr. Michael and other students for collaboration.

What is the Daily Schedule for Private Instruction?

Mr. Michael will begin the day around 10:00am EST and remain available until 10:00pm EST.  Break times will be taken by Mr. Michael and individual students according to their own daily schedules.  Students in different times zones will enter and leave at their own times, allowing for both individual and group activities throughout the days.  All participants will have their own schedules, established through discussions between their parents and Mr. Michael before meetings begin.

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