HUM-321 English Literature I


Study the literature of the classical world (1000 BC – 500 AD). translated by great English poets in the Academy’s English Literature I course.

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(Transcribed) In English literate one we we study the ancient classics in English translation.  The purpose of this course is to learn the content of ancient literature while also studying the fun is studying the finest English poetry.

4 classic works are studied in this course.  1st we study Homer’s Iliad translated by Alexander hope.  We then study Homer’s Odyssey translated again by Alexander Pope.  Homer’s poems were composed in a meter called daktillik hexameter is Demeter while Alexander palexander Pope’s translations are composed in the English I am big pentameter.  Rather than with modern pros translations this keeps in mind the reality that Homer’s works were works or works of poetryIst and not pros.

Is after completing the epics of Homer we study virgils is Virgil’s aniad translated into English by John Dryden.  As with the study of Homer’s poems Dryden’s translation helps us to enjoy the aniad as a work of poetry.

Lastly in this course we study Ovid we study ovid’s metamorphosis it’s translated by a number of great English poets.

Views for classical works provided the content for much of the literature that would follow in history.  This course provides students wstudents with a thorough understanding of a is the name of ancient works of poetry is poetry providing a great foundation for the study of medieval and modern English literature..

Is enrollment in this course provides students with all necessary study is necessary study materials.  Printed copies of the works studied in this course are available in the Academy bookstore.

Is free enrollment in this course provides students with all study materials tutorial is tutorial resources and online quizzes.  Paid enrollment in this course provides students with excellent written assignments that are graded but are graded by Academy headmaster William Michael.

This course is intended not only to serve the classical Catholic studies of Academy students, But also when joined with Is classical grammar and English composition, Is to provide for high school diploma credits in English.