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Support the restoration of the seven classical liberal arts by making a one-time donation of $7.

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In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, the work we do serves hundreds of Catholic children around the world, many of whom are interested in religious vocations and need the support of the entire Catholic community.  The children cannot support themselves, and their parents are making great sacrifices educate them at home, cultivate their Catholic faith, while working to provide for the needs of the family.  Those of us who are in a position to assist financially find here an excellent opportunity to give alms and perform the works of mercy.

Your donation to the Classical Liberal Arts Academy helps to cover our costs of operation and make all of the resources and services of the Academy available to students at reduced or no cost to their parents.  This adds to the courses they are able to enroll in, the support they are able to receive, and much more.  Moreover, by helping the Academy to keep tuition costs low, their parents are able to use what money is available to provide them with computers and supplies they need for their studies.

We ask Catholics to consider donating $7 to support the promotion of the seven classical liberal arts and, on behalf of the families studying in the Academy, we thank you for your generous support and promise to pray for your personal intentions in our own daily prayers.

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