Online Courses

Self-paced online courses in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

Students of all ages are welcome to enroll in any of our online courses without any commitment to a subscription plan or long-term study plan. Whether you’d like to learn to read Latin or work your way through classical philosophy one course at a time–or any you’re welcome to do so–and enjoy many benefits.


  • one-time enrollment cost of $100 – no monthly subscription
  • no books or supplies to purchase
  • study at your own pace – no deadlines or expiration dates
  • online quizzes and graded assignments
  • expert live support by chat, phone and email
  • tutorial videos (where necessary)
  • certificate and academic reference upon completion

When you finish a course, you’ll receive a certificate from the Academy that proves you’ve done the work required by the course, and you will be able to use me as an academic reference for the future. With your certificate, you can seek your own tutoring opportunities in the future and prove to your students that you’ve mastered the course material.


To get started, simply purchase the course (or courses) you desire from our online catalog (see below) and get to work. Enrollment is always open, for all students. You can enroll at any time of the year, work as your own schedule allows, and enjoy all the help you need along the way. You can enroll on a single course or multiple courses–with no worries about monthly subscriptions or other financial commitments.

Financial Aid

We cannot lower the enrollment costs requested for our online courses, but do allow for costs to be paid in monthly installments without any additional fees.  We recommend paying with PayPal Credit, which allows your balance to be paid without interest over 6 months.  For payment plans longer than 6 months, please contact us.


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