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Online courses can be a valuable supplement to traditional brick-and-mortar schools in a number of ways. This is especially true with the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, where students can be enrolled in our program by schools very affordably, and receive amazing resources.

Here are a few important ways that online courses can be used in brick-and-mortar schools:

Supplementing Your School’s Curriculum

Online courses can be used to provide students with additional resources and learning opportunities beyond what is available in the traditional classroom. Finding local teachers who can handle the classical liberal arts and philosophy is unlikely, but your school doesn’t need them. Online courses can provide students with access to a Catholic teacher in challenging subject areas, interactive resources, and self-paced learning opportunities.

Offering Specialized Courses

Online courses can be used to offer specialized courses that are not typically available in a traditional brick-and-mortar school. This allows students to explore areas of interest that may not be covered in the regular curriculum. This is especially useful for extraordinary students, who can use a challenge beyond the normal school curriculum.

Stabilizing the School Curriculum

Faculty turnover is a great problem for schools, especially when the day-to-day learning objectives are left for teachers to decide. The loss of good teachers and difficulty in finding quality replacements can greatly harm student achievement and motivation, leaving school administrators with frustrated parents who might even consider looking at other school. Online courses can help stabilize the school curriculum and allow the school to absorb teacher turnover.

Providing Blended Learning Opportunities

Online courses can be used to provide blended learning opportunities that incorporate both online and in-person instruction. This can help to enhance the learning experience by providing students with more flexible and personalized learning options.

Providing Make-Up Work

Online courses can be used to provide students with the opportunity to make up missed work or assignments. This can be especially helpful for students who miss class due to illness or other circumstances.

Providing Additional Resources for Teachers

Online courses can be used to provide teachers with additional resources and training opportunities. Online courses can provide teachers with resources to use in class, for homework assignments, help with grading, and more.

Relieve Teachers of Grading Duties

By assigning students work available in online courses, teachers can be relieved of the time needed for assignment grading, which is usually done “off the clock”. Our online quizzes are automatically and written assignments are graded weekly by expert tutors. All student grades are recorded and students can re-take assessments to raise their grades as often as they wish. To discuss special arrangements for your school, contact us.

Greatly Reduce School Expenses

Enrolling students in online courses in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy costs only $25 per month per student and includes unlimited access to courses. A simple monthly school payment provides access to endless academic content to students and teachers. An additional Premium enrollment is available that can allow for live Zoom-based classes and recorded video resources taught by Academy staff. These resources can greatly reduce school expenses and allow school administrators to focus on the school’s mission and culture.

When using online courses in a brick-and-mortar school, it’s important to ensure that the courses are high-quality and aligned with the school’s curriculum and standards. Additionally, it’s important to provide students and teachers with the support and resources they need to be successful with online learning. For Catholic schools, all of this–and much more–is available from the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

To discuss how the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s online courses can help improve your private school, schedule a free consultation meeting on Zoom any time, using the coupon code “schools” or contact me directly any time.

God bless your studies,

Mr. William C. Michael, Director
Classical Liberal Arts Academy
Phone: (980) 699-5575

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