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  • 07/05/2021 – Dear Mrs. Beem, welcome to the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. This “Parent Page” provides you with access to children’s student pages. On their student pages, they have access to our normal free courses to get started, but courses can be added at any time–at no additional cost–using the coupon code subscriber. The courses listed in grey on their student pages are the courses we normally recommend to new students. Contact me if you need help selecting courses. God bless your studies. -Mr. Michael.

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  • Classical Catholic Education: Everything Parents Need to Know
    Classical Catholic education has been misrepresented by individuals who have sought to make money off of the current educational crisis without doing the research necessary to know and teach what is true.  These people include authors like Dorothy Sayers, Doug Wilson, Martin Corthan, Laura Berquist and many others.    In this article, Mr. William C. … Read more.
  • The Importance of the Parent-Tutor Relationship in Homeschooling
    To arrange tutoring with Mr. William C. Michael, see the Academy Tutoring page. The text below has been transcribed digitally and will be edited for reading in the future. This morning, I had a chat with a mother homeschooling mother planning to roll some children in the classical Liberal Arts Academy, and we had a … Read more.
  • New Petty School Courses for Little Ones
    Enrollment is now open for the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s new Petty School courses. Our children receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion around age 7 because that is understood to be the dawn of the “age of Reason”. It is easy to understand, then, that formal studies would begin after this point … Read more.
  • Novena for Impossible Requests
    As I always teach in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, Catholic parenting and homeschooling is work that exceeds human strength. Grace is not transmitted like genetics from parent to child and parents have to patiently endure many trials, in love. One popular devotion Catholics can make use of is the “Novena for Impossible for Requests“. … Read more.
  • Let’s Go Learn – A Helpful Resource for Catholic Homeschool Parents
    Let’s Go Learn is an online program that provides homeschool parents with a tool to diagnose and remedy grade level weaknesses in modern K-12 Mathematics and Reading concepts. This is William C. Michael, the headmaster of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, and Let’s Go Learn is a program that was recently brought to my attention. … Read more.

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