Sample of Live Class Meetings

Dear friends,

In January, I began offering two weekly live class meetings–one for Aesop’s Fables and one for Latin studies.  A sample recording of one such class meeting can be seen above.

I have been pleased with these live class meetings and am preparing to move forward with more live classes to which all Premium Students are invited to attend at no additional cost.

My goal is to offer the following ongoing live class meetings weekly throughout the year:

  1. English Composition & Classical Grammar
  2. Classical Latin Studies
  3. Classical Greek Studies
  4. Classical Reasoning & Rhetoric
  5. Modern Mathematics (Arithmetic, Algebra)
  6. Classical Mathematics (Quadrivium)
  7. Elementary Philosophy (Aesop, Theophrastus, Pliny)
  8. Advanced Philosophy (Ethics, Physics, Metaphysics)
  9. Elementary Theology (Catholic Bible and Catechism)
  10. Advanced Theology (Summa Theologica, Sacred Scripture)
  11. History & Geography
  12. English Literature

I will record these classes and make recordings available for Premium students who cannot attend.

These live class meetings will not replace normal course content and private study, but will provide general help in classical Catholic studies that will help succeed in their private studies.

Details on days and times for these meetings will be published this week.  I’d appreciate input from parents regarding preferred times.

All information on Live Classes is available on the Academy’s Live Classes page here.

God bless your studies,
Mr. William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy