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Freshman Mathematics. Hour 2

This lesson is part of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s High School Diploma Program. This program provides students with 120 hours of instruction in high school English, Mathematics, Science, History and Foreign Language, fulfilling modern high school diploma requirements in the most efficient way possible.


In Freshman Mathematics, a student must receive 120 hours of instruction in a high school level mathematics course. In Freshman Mathematics, we will complete 120 hours of instruction in Algebra to satisfy this requirement. In this second lesson, we will continue to study the definitions necessary for the study of Algebra and complete the second hour of instruction.

  1. Study the lesson Instruction below.
  2. Study the lesson content for mastery.
  3. Complete the lesson assessment.


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In this second hour, we will review the study of the definitions of terms from hour 1 and discuss the content of articles 12-15 in Ray’s Primary Elements of Algebra.

  1. There are two kinds of questions in Algebra, Theorems and Problems.
  2. In a Theorem, it is required to demonstrate some relation or property of numbers, or abstract quantities.
  3. In a Problem, it is required to find the value of some unknown quantity, by means of certain given relations existing between it and others, which are known.
  4. Algebra is a general method of solving problems and demonstrating theorems, by means of figures, letters, and signs. The letters and signs are called symbols.


As you study this lesson, learn to answer all of the questions below. Submit the answers in the Study Center for grading.

  1. How many kinds of questions are there in Algebra?
  2. What is a Theorem?
  3. What is a Problem?
  4. What is Algebra?
  5. What are symbols?
  6. Explain why it is important to know that symbols are used in Algebra.
  7. What examples were given of how Algebra is used in everyday life?

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