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Rules for the CLAA Forums

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Dear friends,

On the CLAA Forums, all are welcome to discuss a wide variety of topics, but users must expect the following standards of accountability in discussion:

1. No advertising is permitted on the CLAA Forums without prior consent from the Academy headmaster.
2. No foul language may be used on the CLAA Forums. This includes all cursing, crude speech, coarse jesting, etc.
3. No party politics are permitted on the CLAA Forums. Any issues discussed must be discussed at the level of simple propositions and arguments, based on evidence and reasoning.
4. No conspiracy theories or unfounded accusations against any persons, corporations or other organizations are permitted on the CLAA Forums.
5. No links to external sources of proof are permitted for assertions made on the CLAA Forums. If you cannot supply the proof for an assertion in simple terms at the time of posting, you should refrain from making the assertion.
6. No criticism of the clergy of the Catholic Church or elected political leaders is permitted on the CLAA Forums.
7. No gossip or slander of any kind is permitted on the CLAA Forums. If it is not relevant and edifying to members of these forums, it does not belong here.
8. No disrespect to the questions or responses posted by members is permitted in the CLAA Forums.

Any users who violate these rules will be removed from the CLAA Forums without warning. If you find a user to be violating these rules, please report them to me for removal.

I reserve the right to add rules as necessary in the future.

God bless our discussions,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy
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