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    Emily Hammons

    Mr. Michael,

    I’ve been reviewing all available Petty School lessons with my kids while we wait for the changes and new lessons you’ve been working on. I know the immense amount of work to overhaul and revamp the layout and structure of the entire website and school takes quite a bit of time and you’re projecting being finished several months from now. Do you have a recommendation on what we should do in the meantime? Thank you for everything you have been doing! We really appreciate it!

    Thank you,
    Emily Hammons

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    Dania Michael

    Hi Emily,

    My husband is working on creating more Petty School lessons and videos. He has posted several Petty School Reading lessons today and plans to continue making more. I would also recommend the children work through the Petty School Writing lessons, which are ready also. He is planning to begin remaking Petty School Arithmetic videos very soon.

    God bless!

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    Emily Hammons


    Thank you for your response!
    Very exciting to see some of the new videos in Petty School Reading. We have worked through consonants B and C and look forward to the upcoming lessons.
    We have also worked up to M,N, and O in Petty School Writing but I didn’t see an assessment to move forward to the next letters.
    Looking forward to the Arithmetic videos! Thank you for all of y’all’s work!

    On another note, the kids love the typing class! Makes them feel so big and has really surprised me how quickly they are learning for being only five years old. I didn’t learn until high school. It’s a nice complement to their other work!

    Thank you!


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