Tightening up Support Policies

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    William C. MichaelWilliam C. Michael

    Dear friends,

    In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, I work to make classical liberal arts education available at at almost no cost to Catholic families–and will always do so. At the same time, I ask families seeking live support to subscribe to Premium Support because while I can share much of my past work for free or close to it, I cannot afford to give my time away for free.

    Beginning today, I will strictly enforce Premium Support rules for live chat, accepting chats only from Premium Support subscribers. I will also be locking down forum boards where students and parents post questions that are equivalent to consultation and tutoring requests.

    I will give all my time to these questions and support requests, but I must charge a fee for it because when I give my time to one task, I must pay for other people or other services to address other needs–and there’s a lot of work that, to be frank, others cannot do at this time.

    A Premium Support subscription should be considered a means of financial support for the long-term mission of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, not a mere payment for present services received.

    To subscribe to Premium Support, click here.

    God bless,
    William C. Michael
    Classical Liberal Arts Academy

    Leslie HickmanLeslie Hickman

    Dear Mr. Michael,

    This is completely understandable for all the support and help that you give! Thank you for all your time. I signed up for Premium Support last month on January 24th when you were running a special 30 days free. I plan on renewing that subscription at the end of the week as that 30 days comes to an end. I just wanted to let make you aware of that as you are beginning to lock forums. 🙂 I chatted with your wife and she said that was fine.
    Thanks again! Your CLAA is truly an important and much needed apostolate and I for one think $100 a month, along with the $50 family subscription, with all the live and knowledgeable help, is affordable and very much appreciated for our large family.

    Leslie Hickman


    Leslie, What is the $50 family subscription mentioned above?

    Leslie HickmanLeslie Hickman

    I went to the enrollment page and looked it up for you. It appears the price has increased to $100. Hopefully those of us who already had the $50 per month plan are grandfathered in at that rate.



    Thanks for that, with all the changes since we joined last fall, I didn’t recall the $50 per month plan.

    AvatarRobyn Ozovek

    Are the “Premium Support” boards closed for good? I can’t get to any of the individual boards when I click on the Premium Support forum but we’re premium support subscribers.

    William C. MichaelWilliam C. Michael

    Thank you for posting.

    I’ve updated your account manually. You should have access to everythning now.


    William C. MichaelWilliam C. Michael

    FYI…Prices at which we offer products and services are all arranged between us and individual families, based on when and how they enroll. Details change as many factors behind the scenes change and we have to adapt to what’s possible. For families who merely enroll in courses, as home-school families, tutor-level support is not included in their enrollment. I often give more support than parents pay for and when I simply tighten up the policies, I’m not taking anything away from anyone that they have agreed to use and pay for.

    THe CLAA is a private, self-funded program that seeks to offer as much as possible for as little as possible. To do what we do, changes are necessary.

    Think about it…Catholic parents pay more for one hour with a piano teacher than for my entire Latin Reading course. I can’t make private classical tutoring and consultation free to the world.


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