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    Hi, my name is Elisa Fosita and I am married to Noa and we have 6 living children. Lokani (12) Nataliah(11), Lolah(9),Julius(6), Marcellin (4), and Noa Maxi (1yr).

    Our background is Tongan, we live on the north side of Brisbane in Australia on a small 1/4 acre block growing our own Tongan fruit and veggies, some examples include a variety of bananas, paw paws, watermelon, taro etc. We need coconut trees, ha.

    We were married overseas in 2008 while Noa was playing international rugby and I was working full-time in my dream career at the airport as a public servant. At the time I was wrapped in the lies of feminism and managed to convince the hubby to move to Australia and look after any future children so that I could climb the ranks of my dream career.

    A cradle Catholic, God used my pride to bring me home (my eldest was reading before school age and so we decided to homeschool him that first school year, which is when I discovered the ‘other’ Catechism, the Latin mass and holy priests who guided me back to the church) I had a reversion of sorts and the faith and cherished memories I was raised with all came flooding back but it wasn’t all that convincing because I also had loving charitable protestants around me who were so dedicated at being Christ in the world and I loved them.

    Soon after this reversion, God placed in my path a dear dear family, a devout Catholic family of 12 who was travelling around Australia for two years at the time! This family was like no other devout Catholic family I knew and we live in a huge Catholic homeschooling area so that was saying something plus we had done extensive travel so I have met many Catholic families around the world. This family. They were chasing something different. I wanted out of the race I was in, especially seeing my children and I could see that within my extended Catholic family there was already so much success. Success in careers, property, sport. We see their wealth and the abundance of everything that we could ever potentially want or dream of in this modern era and all these ‘successful’ families are practicing Catholics. Life looked wonderful from the outside but step in and they’ll tell you it feels empty, they’re quick to admit this to the children too. But what are they missing? When they have faith and they have His church?

    I looked around me and saw that perhaps all we were really doing as homeschooling families were raising our children the same way I was raised.

    I was given a Modern curriculum, under the instruction of devout Marist brothers pursuing holiness. My life at school wasn’t influenced much by friends but I realised that perhaps the dumbed-down education I received hindered my understanding of the truth. My huge Catholic extended family (I have over 150 first cousins but all live more than 10hrs drive away!) were my peers, I cared more for them than the opinions of my friends and we all lived out our Catholic faith and traditions together with love and we all have the same kind of upbringing. Now I see their results. Sure the world will see them as successful,sure I once saw myself as successful. I see much clearer these days. I see the emptiness.

    There I was, 3years ago being encouraged to go down the same route by Catholic homeschooling families around me who come from small families themselves.
    I knew I needed something different and I prayed for an answer. My good friend introduced me to CLAA shortly after. 3years on and I am so grateful to God for CLAA. So very grateful.

    My children have been using CLAA on paper for the past 3years. I’ve seen already, the direct impact that CLAA has had on our children in this short time. A couple of years ago we felt called to the hidden life when I was diagnosed with MS, which was better for us all as our children were young anyway but today as our children approach their teen years we’ve come out to mingle with the world and I love that the children love and know their bible. I love that Catholics around us request their time and that they love hearing what they have to say, that they’re always asked where they learnt hte information. It also makes being around protestants a wonderful thing because I use to dread those gatherings or avoid them at all costs. I continue to pray and recommend the CLAA to families everywhere because the program is life-changing. God willing, may all our children in CLAA inspire others for the glory of God. Nothing compares to the Classical Liberal Arts Academy but you already know that =)

    We are most grateful to the Michael family and will continue to pray for all our families in CLAA. God bless you all!

    In Christ, through Mary

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    I should mention that when I wrote at the end about children inspiring others,…what I meant when I wrote that…. is that I pray they inspire others to look into this program and pursue the worthy goals that this program inspires us to pursue.

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    Emily Hammons


    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and inspiring insight into your lives! Our family just started CLAA this year and it certainly is a gift and blessing. Praying for your family and for the struggles I’m sure you have with MS, and for the powerful effect I know CLAA will have on all of our children.


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    Thankyou Emily!

    So grateful for this community. I hadn’t realised how carried away I got until I pressed send lol I spent some of the weekend catching up on Michael’s recent posts and talks and it’s crazy that he speaks what I’ve been hearing in my heart. Says out loud what I feel God asks of our family. I love knowing that I’m learning and growing alongside this community of loving families who strive for ONE thing.

    God bless Emily, I look forward to more chats within the forum. In Christ, through our loving Mother.


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