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    Rebecca Nuar

    Good afternoon,

    I have a question regarding the rules of the stadium. One of the rules reads, “If any students are found to be repeating easy assessments again and again to puff up their scores, their points total will be reset to zero without warning.”

    Does this apply to retaking “already passed but not yet 100%” assessments again and again (1-2x per day) in an attempt to better a score? For example, I have been trying to do this for Lesson 8 of Latin Grammar I, whose quiz has 111 questions (my highest score is 104). Would taking this exam once every day in an attempt to get a perfect score be violating this rule, or is it still encouraged for students to retry exams, no matter the difficulty level, until getting, if possible, 100%?

    Just want to make sure I don’t accidentally do something to violate this rule!

    Thank you,


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    William C. Michael

    Hello Rebecca,

    I am NOT saying that students who review past assessments will be penalized.  In fact, one of the most important benefits of the Stadium is that it rewards review work, which is very important.

    What I am referring to is a student who, let’s say, finds an easy Catechism lesson and the sits and re-submits that same assessment again and again and again only to increase his points on the Stadium.  Here in the office, we can easily see that this is being done because we get email notifications for every single assessment that is taken.

    If I see students mis-using the Stadium like this, I will simply delete all of their points.  The Stadium is a place to reward honest work as students seek to progress in classical Catholic studies.

    I think students have to be honest and ask themselves whether they are studying and reviewing or just trying to get cheap Stadium points.  That’s the real rule here.

    God bless,
    Mr. Michael

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    Rebecca Nuar

    Thank you, Mr. Michael, I understand better now!


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