Simplification of CLAA Website (Update 1)

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    William C. MichaelWilliam C. Michael

    Dear friends,

    If you’d like to know what I’m working on behind the scenes, please read this post completely.

    1. In 2021, I will be working to make the content of the classical Catholic curriculum freely accessible. To do this, the password-protected “lesson system” that exists on the website will be replaced by simple pages containing the entire curriculum, all of which will be arranged online in an orderly manner. Links to these pages will begin appearing in lessons this week as we begin this transition. When the transition is completed, probably this summer, the existing lesson system will no longer be needed.

    2. No account login will be necessary to access the curriculum content. Student pages will be created by which we track student progress and link them to their current lessons, for the sake of order. They will have free access to completed lessons, so that is no concern. We will create these pages for subscribed families one by one, over time, as we interact with them through our normal support meetings, etc. They will be very helpful and will serve as a real-time transcript of studies for students. More on this soon. Parent pages will also be created for parents to easily access their children’s pages and lessons.

    3. Enrolled students will need CLAA Google Apps accounts to access quizzes/exams and other features intended for enrolled students only. This costs nothing, and takes a few minutes for us to arrange. These accounts provide students and arents with a CLAA email address and password, which gives them access to content that we will not be sharing publicly.

    4. As I expected, the new arrangement radically improves the CLAA website’s performance, which is the chief expense in running the program on our side. The simplified site has received perfect scores from Google’s page design rating system, and will improve service and site speed for all users.

    I announced that this would be a summer project, but I think, after working this weekend, that it will be available much sooner than that. I’ll keep updating progress as I go.


    I have seven children studying in the program, using the site every day. There’s no interruption in lesson availability, etc.. Everything’s fine for the children.

    God bless,
    William C. Michael, Headmaster
    Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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