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    Mary McKendry


    I’m from Australia, and come from a family of 12 (14 including my parents). I turned 17 in October and have loved studying in the CLAA since 2010. My favourite courses have changed throughout the years, but right now my favourites are Latin Grammar and World Chronology.

    I enjoy reading books, especially by G.K. Chesterton, Charles Dickens, R.L. Stevenson, W.E. Johns, and L.M. Montgomery, and also love writing my own novels. Other than that I love making art, playing music, cooking, sport and singing.

    It’s been wonderful to study through the CLAA, and it’s great to meet other families/students!

    Mary McKendry

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    Xavier Ozovek

    Hi! Did you ever see Kangaroos and koalas in the wild? I love Saltwater Crocodiles, too. I used to want to live in Australia.

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    Mary McKendry

    We have koalas here sometimes, and lately there’s actually been quite a lot of kangaroos around the place. Really? Where do you live? 😀


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