LRI 1:21-25 translation question

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    Veronica McKendry


    I am currently doing translation exercises for Latin Reading I, lesson 05, and I had one question about a couple of the sections. I read in two of the lines “…es tu?” and the lesson says it translates as “are (you) you?”. I understand in the exam if I am asked to translate “es” I should write “are (you)”, but I was wondering if I am to just write “are you?” or “are (you) you?” in my translation assignment?

    Any help would be appreciated on this…thank you!
    Veronica McKendry

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    William C. Michael

    Hello Veronica,

    Normally, I provide for all possible answer choices on the exams. If you feel like you’re entering the right answer and it’s not being accepted, get on chat and I’ll take a look for you.

    Mr. Michael

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    Veronica McKendry

    Hi Mr. Michael,

    Okay, will do. Thank you very much for your help!

    Veronica McKendry

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