Improvement of Trivium Curriculum

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    William C. Michael

    Dear friends,

    I am making some improvements to the Trivium curriculum in the Academy, eliminating two courses and improving the numbering of courses to make things more orderly.

    • The two courses that are being eliminated are English Grammar II and English Vocabulary. The new Classical Grammar course is going to be an extremely good course and will make the need for any additional English Grammar studies unnecessary.
    • It’s also necessary to note that English Grammar I is being renamed Elementary Grammar.

    The improved course list is as follows:

    TRV-001 English Reading I
    TRV-091 Handwriting I
    TRV-092 Handwriting II
    TRV-093 Handwriting III
    TRV-094 Handwriting IV
    TRV-101 Elementary Grammar
    TRV-110 Latin Vocabulary
    TRV-111 Latin Reading I (Biblical)
    TRV-121 Classical Grammar
    TRV-221 Latin Grammar I (Etymology)
    TRV-301 English Composition
    TRV-311 Latin Reading II (Classical)
    TRV-321 Latin Grammar II (Syntax)
    TRV-331 Greek Reading I (Biblical)
    TRV-341 Greek Grammar I (Etymology)
    TRV-371 Classical Reasoning I
    TRV-372 Classical Reasoning II
    TRV-373 Classical Reasoning III
    TRV-374 Classical Reasoning IV
    TRV-375 Classical Reasoning V
    TRV-381 Classical Rhetoric
    TRV-411 Latin Reading III
    TRV-421 Latin Grammar III
    TRV-431 Greek Reading II (Classical)
    TRV-441 Greek Grammar II (Syntax)

    God bless,
    William C. Michael

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    Henry Owens

    Dear Mr. Michael,

    I purchased elementary, classical, Latin and greek Grammar for my children. Do you recommend any order? At the moment they’re doing elementary and Latin Grammar simultaneously with Latin reading and vocabulary. If we have a 3 hour trivium schedule. How would you portion the time on the various trivium subjects?
    With thanks
    Fr. John

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    William C. Michael

    Hello, Fr. John.

    Thank you for posting.

    The order for those courses would be:

    1. Elementary Grammar (basic English Grammar & Composition) – this course is optional
    2. Classical Grammar (English Grammar for classical students)
    3. Latin Grammar
    4. Greek Grammar

    For Trivium time, I would give attention to Classical Grammar and Latin Reading as the core courses. I’d save Latin vocabulary as a study for leisure time or to make good use of idle time.

    How you manage the schedule block is a matter of preference. Some like to work on every course, every day. I personally prefer devoting more time to a specific course with a block schedule. As long as the children are progressing in the principal studies, all should be well. I would work through Classical Grammar before Latin Grammar I because it will make the study much easier–while also providing for English Grammar mastery.

    God bless,
    William Michael

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    John Owens

    Dear. Mr. Michael,

    Thanks for this. Would you recommend I cease elementary grammar and just go straight to Classical Grammar before Latin?
    With thanks
    Fr. John

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    William C. Michael

    Fr. John,

    Depends on how you feel the children are doing with basic English–writing sentences, etc. If you’re comfortable with that, then Classical Grammar is more properly “Grammar” study.

    God bless,

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