How do these compare with earlier 5+ courses?

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    Thank you for the online courses. It’s exciting to get started but just wanted to check if I needed to enrol in any more…
    I think I understood from the petty school video that the PTY-001 Petty School reading included old, middle english etc. Just looking at the first lesson of my daughter’s TRV-001 English Reading I, I thought it might be a different course. Am I wrong?
    She is also enrolled in TRV-091 Handwriting I. Has this the same content as PTY-002 Petty School Writing? Although there is a PTY-020 Petty School Writing as well.
    Similarly, is the content in QRV-011 Modern Arithmetic the same as PTY-003 Petty School Arithmetic?
    Is the content in THL-111 Baltimore Catechism I the same as PTY-004 Petty School Religion? I did see a couple of Petty School Religion videos.
    Also, I read under the Curriculum links on the left the Petty School page mentions Petty School Bible and Petty School Catechism course separately. I am sorry but now I’m a little confused. I thought maybe I should purchase a couple of extra courses (my daughter is turning 6 soon) but I didn’t want to double up.
    Any help will be much appreciated,

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