Hi from Ava Bollig!

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    Miriam Gulding

    Hi Annaleah,
    It’s supposed to be around the 70’s this week, so it’s definitely getting warmer. I only remember seeing snow twice. Once my family went to visit our Grandparents in Virginia for Christmas, and it snowed then. And a few years ago it actually snowed where I lived! 🙂

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    Miriam Gulding

    Correction: I went to Round Rock, TX, for my older sisters basketball tournament and it snowed a little there. (That was a couple years ago)

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    Annaleah Hopper

    That’s still so cool! Australia really never gets that cold (well that’s comparing us to the U.S) but I like it. It means we can go to the beach throughout the year!

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    Miriam Gulding

    I live by Corpus Christi bay, which leads out to the Gulf of Mexico, so there are some beaches fairly close to where I live (about 30-40 minutes away). It’s kind of funny, because even though we live near them, my family doesn’t go to the beach very often. We probably go all together about once every other year. Although, one year my Grandparents and cousins visited, so we went twice in three days! That was a few years ago, though.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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