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    Good morning,

    My name is Blaise Bollig, I live in Woodstock, CT, my birthday is April 11, and I am 13 now. I like to play with LEGO’s and make movies with them using stop-motion, do archery, spend time with my flock of 24 chickens and especially my special pet hen, Twilight. I am planning on starting a hatchery soon and am looking forward to it, I am currently writing a twenty-one book fantasy/fiction series and I am thinking about adding in more books, but I am having trouble thinking up more plots, since I used up most of my ideas on the first twenty one. I enjoy listening to Star Wars and the Mandolorian soundtracks and also Narnia soundtracks. My courses are: Baltimore Catechism II, Sacred Scripture 1, Summa, Latin Reading I, English Grammar II, World Chronology, Pliny’s Natural History, Classical Arithmetic, Modern Arithmetic III, Aesop’s Fables, and Daily Scripture. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

    God Bless,
    Blaise Bollig 🐓🐤

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    Also I forgot to mention that I like to read the “Redwall” series and also the “Black Stallion” series, as well as stories about the saints.

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    Isaac Eckstine

    Also i forgot to mention that I like to read the “Redwall” series to

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    That’s nice! I really enjoy them, they’re my favorite book to read.

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    Joseph Gulding

    my sister Miriam think that the people in the Mandalorian don’t talk enough so she doesn’t really like it

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    Joseph Gulding

    oh and I like to play with Legos too I also like playing basketball and I like the star wars movies

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    Hello Joseph,

    That’s nice that you like to play with LEGO’s too. I don’t play many sports and haven’t watched all the Star Wars movies, but from the ones that I have watched, I like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jar-Jar, and Qui-gon.


    P.S Sorry it took so long to respond.

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    Joseph Gulding

    It’s okay, my favorite character now is also Jar-Jar.

    P.S it’s because he’s super funny.

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    Yes, he is!

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