Half-way through Spring planting…

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    William C. MichaelWilliam C. Michael

    Dear friends,

    My family is taking this week, while we have some dry weather, to plant our Spring vegetable gardens on the farm.  The work is going well and we’re about half way done after two days, so we should have everything in by Friday, when some rain is due.

    We will be unavailable during the daylight hours (EST), but will be working in the evenings, so please use the forum here or the website contact form to communicate with us.

    We’ll be back to normal office hours Sunday evening (God willing.).

    God bless,

    William C. Michael

    [caption id="attachment_419904" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Our little ones helping me plant the peas, sweet corn and beans. From top to bottom: Joshua, Daniel, Isaiah and Anna.[/caption]


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