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    Rebecca Nuar


    What is the preferred method to submit assignments for grading?

    Thank you!


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    William C. Michael

    Use the upload boxes in the lessons because (a) you earn Stadium points for doing so, and (b) the grades are automatically added to your course gradebooks.

    If a lesson doesn’t have an assignment upload box, let me know.

    Mr. Michael

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    Rebecca Nuar

    Okay, thank you.

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    Ava M Bollig

    Could you please post assignment upload boxes for English Composition, Homer, Iliad, and Modern Algebra I?  Thank you!

    God Bless,

    Ava Bollig

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    Rebecca Nuar

    Could you please add an upload box for Sacred Scripture I, Lesson 6 Genesis 6-10?

    Thank you!


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    Could you please add an assignment upload box for English Grammar I lesson 25?  Thank you.


    God Bless,
    Blaise Bollig

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