English Reading I (Important)

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    William C. MichaelWilliam C. Michael

    I have hesitated in continuing with the publishing of lessons for the English Reading I course using McGuffey’s Reader. I posted the first 5 lessons and stopped–and there’s a reason for that,

    In my work in classical studies, I am also a linguist. Before starting the CLAA, I was teaching Latin in schools and wrote a complete preschool curriculum which was used in my parish preschool. I composed a reading and spelling program for the children which was titled “Michael’s Grammar”, which I still have copies of. It is, I believe the English reading and phonics program all parents dream of, but I’ve never published it.

    Anyway, in 2015, in began publishing an English Reading I course which was based on my linguistics background, in which I led young students to read the Gospel of John in English. It was extremely popular and successful, but at that time, I was running the boarding school and didn’t have time to give it.

    I intended to offer an English Reading I course using McGuffey’s readers just to give kids SOMETHING who needed reading help.

    This year, my family’s financial circumstances have radically changed because of the sale of our farm properties, and I am free to work on the English Reading I course I intended to provide to CLAA families in 2016. Therefore, I will be abandoning McGuffey’s and teaching my own course in English Reading I, which will be a great improvement and a better fit for CLAA studies.

    This will be available this week. First lesson is available, but I have some more work to do:


    William C. Michael, Headmaster
    Classical Liberal Arts Academy

    AvatarBenoit Pitre

    This is exciting! Thank you!

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