Aristotelean/Ptolemaic Model of the Universe

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    William C. MichaelWilliam C. Michael

    In the 1500s, Copernicus proposed the “sun-centered” or heliocentric model of the universe. Since then, people are often led to believe that Copernicus was “right” and the model of the universe that existed before him was “Wrong”–but this is not true. Both models are true, but one sets the sun as the fixed object in the universe and the other sets the earth as the fixed object. Both models are true, but use different frames of reference for their “worldview”.

    Most modern students, parents and teachers are familiar with the system of Copernicus, but not with that of Ptolemy–and this is part of the problem in modern learning. Here is a video that visualizes the Ptolemaic model of the universe, which I believe will be helpful to students.

    God bless,
    Mr. Michael

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