Aesop’s Fables Lesson 42 Question

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    Rebecca Nuar

    Good morning,
    I was working on my summary for Aesop’s Fables Lesson 42, and when I went to answer Question #4, how do the characters chosen by Aesop help teach the moral of this fable, and I realised something. The main character chosen, Tiberius Caesar, wasn’t an emperor of Rome until after Christ, but Aesop apparently died more than 500 years before Christ.
    So how would Aesop have chosen Tiberius? I was wondering, is this an example of a fable that wasn’t written by Aesop, or perhaps did Aesop use a different ruler that was later changed to one more familiar for those studying in Rome?
    Does anybody have any thoughts about this? 😀
    God bless,

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    Hello Rebecca,

    The Aesop’s Fables book that we have says “Truth, however, calls for the assertion, that the connection of Aesop with the collection known by his name is very slight.” So I don’t think that Aesop wrote all of the fables that there are. Hope this helps!

    God bless,

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