Aesop – Moral of the Stag in the Ox-stall

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    Andrew Phillip State

    Hello, my name is Andrew Phillip State and I am nine years old.  I am having trouble figuring out the moral for the Stag in the Ox-stall.  Can anyone give me a hint?  I know the stag is running away and he hides in the Ox-stall.  The ox tell him that he may be able to hide from servants but not the master.  The servants do not see the stag, but the master shows up and finds him.  So, is it saying that we cannot deceive everyone?    What scripture verse would this relate to?  Thank you.

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    Rebecca Nuar

    Hi Andrew!

    I’ve been able to find two different morals that Aesop seems to be teaching here. One you seem to be getting at already, when you said “we cannot deceive everyone”. The stag was able to deceive the servants, but not the master… so the master was more capable at managing his own farm animals and belongings than the servants. Also, the barn was safety for the oxen, but not for the stag. So another possible moral could be that what is safety for one may not be safety for another.

    Hope this helps!

    God bless,


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