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Thank you for your interest in tutoring services available in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. Tutoring is the Academy’s highest form of service and promises the greatest rewards for students in the classical Catholic curriculum. I have been tutoring students throughout my 20 years of work in classical education and have cherished the relationships that have developed through this work. I have helped students prepare successfully for entrance into the United States military, Catholic seminaries, Catholic religious communities and the most selective colleges and universities in the world. Tutoring is the most important work I do, and the work that receives my greatest attention.

Benefits of Tutoring

When a student is enrolled for private tutoring, I begin managing the student’s work in one or more subject areas. Tutoring centers around a one hour weekly meeting, during which the student’s weekly tasks are reviewed, assignments graded, records updated and the next week’s tasks assigned–for one subject area. Depending on the student’s preference, this weekly meeting can be conducted by live video meeting or text chat on the Academy website (which many students prefer).

Outside of the weekly meeting the student has constant access to me for any help that is needed. Assignments submitted during the week are graded when submitted, records are updated, and communication continues outside of the weekly meeting. Students may contact me by email, live chat or telephone any time they are in need of help. Initially, communication is awkward, but as our relationship and routine developes, communication becomes comfortable for the students.

One of the greatest benefits of tutoring meetings is that progress can be greatly improved by live assessments, through which I assess a student’s mastery of a lesson in place of written assignments or online assessments which can prove time-consuming and less effective than a live assessment.

When a tutored student wishes to apply for admission to a university, seminary or religious community, I assist the student with preparations and reference letters as needed. Reference letters are only available for tutored students with whom I have worked directly. When the time comes, this proves to be a very important benefit.

Cost of Tutoring

In 2021, tutoring costs $200 per subject area per month. This fee allows me to provide each student with the time and attention he needs to succeed. By “subject area” is mean one of the five subject areas in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy: Trivium, Quadrivium, Philosophy, Theology and Humanities–not individual courses. Thus, enrollment in tutoring for the “Trivium” might include the study of Latin and Greek Grammar, English Composition, Classical Reasoning, and so on.


Enrollment in tutoring is limited and students are enrolled on a first-come, first-serve basis throughout the year, though preference is given to students enrolling in more than one subject area for tutoring, and to parents enrolling more than one student for tutoring.

The first step of the enrollment process is to submit the following Tutoring Inquiry form.

God bless your studies,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy
Email: wcm@classicalliberalarts.com
Mobile: 980-699-5575

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