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Mr. Michael is the founding headmaster of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, with over 20 years of full-time teaching experience.

In modern circles, teaching and tutoring are means of making money, and tutoring sessions, like modern schools, are designed to benefit the tutors rather than the students.  Often, lesson content is left intentionally vague or complicated so that students will depend on teachers and tutors to complete their lessons and/or pass their exams.  If the teachers were actually wise and skillful, they would improve the poor study materials rather than seek to profit off their faults.  The teacher-oriented trend in modern education must be rejected by students and parents, not supported.

K-12 classroom teaching and private tutoring are neither productive nor sustainable.  The K-12 classroom model has always been dependent on government funding, and private tutoring is too expensive for most students.  Now that the normal school rooms are disrupted, and the income of school teachers is threatened, they are trying to move their unsustainable classrooms onto the internet, which is ridiculous.  There is nothing more awkward and unproductive than an online class meeting.  They are terrible.

Rather than designing expensive school programs that are profitable for teachers and tutors, we should simply improve the study materials so that all students can progress through them without being dependent on teachers or private tutors.  Doesn’t that make a lot more sense?  

I do not believe that modern schools and teachers believe that what they are doing is the most effective option for students.  I have discussed these issues with modern teachers and college professors, have watched them admit the truth of these accusations–and go right on with them as if they knew no better.  They know that many things can be improved for students, but that they would lose their income and quality of life if they were changed.  The internet makes modern schools obsolete, but they are being preserved for the benefit of the people who make money off them.  The K-12 school model is a massive cash cow that millions of people are profiting from.  The worst part of it all is that very little actual content is covered in these schools, and the students and their parents suffer the consequences when the school years come to an end.

The classical, Catholic curriculum, on the other hand, is so rich and challenging that no student can progress through it without access to efficient study materials, intellectual gifts, good health, sincere desire, a supportive family, an experienced tutor, and peaceful years for study.  Generous, Christian schoolmasters have worked for centuries to make classical Catholic learning as accessible as possible.  Wise bishops have condensed libraries of theological instruction into simple catecheisms for children.  Learned men have systematized the classical liberal arts and philosophical sciences so that they can be efficiently learned by any diligent student–at almost no cost.  To “instruct the ignorant” is a work of mercy, not a market for personal financial gain–and we must look to the true teachers of history for our study materials rather than modern educators.  Rather than hire expensive tutors, we should eliminate the need for them.

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we use the benefits of technology to make the classical Catholic curriculum available freely online, to all students, of all ages, in all places.  There is no question that students will need help at many points along the way, but we seek to minimize these troubles, and offer affordable academic services to help all students succeed.  Rather than meeting with individual students for hourly pay, we publish tutorial videos that add helpful explanations a good tutor would.  We offer live chat support for any students who have questions.  We are available by email for any students who need help.  We grade student work and provide the simple feedback they need to develop and demonstrate their mastery–and move on.   All of this can be done at very little cost to students and parents–if it is done with the students in mind.

Therefore, if you’re looking for “tutoring” for your children, consider something better–a superior curriculum with clear study materials, helpful tutorial resources and Christian teachers who are concerned with the success of their students.  You’ll find this in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

Enrolled students may contact me, directly, any time they need help with their studies, without any need for expensive “tutoring” costs. 

God bless,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy
Email: wcm@classicalliberalarts.com